Sunday, February 6, 2011

Divvy, the window management utility I was looking for

Resizing windows on Mac OS X is awkward. As you know, the upper-left corner of a window remains fixed while the window is resized by the lower-right corner. Resizing is less awkward in Windows because one can grab either of the sides or the bottom of a window (or any corner, I think) and grow or shrink the window in that direction only. So I went looking for a Mac OS X utility that would replicate the Windows mechanism for window resizing. But Mac Win Man (MWM), the one utility I found, was much more complicated that what I was looking for, so I abandoned my search.

Then my friend Ian Chesal mentioned something called Divvy on Twitter and I checked it out. It gives me just what I needed, even though it doesn't give me what I wanted. It's better than what I wanted. It's much more Mac-like. Check out the video at and see if you agree.

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